level 1. 1. share. level 2. Main > Ammo > 40x46 mm. To learn more about the effectiveness of ammunition check the Ballistics page. Join. .366 ТКМ FMJ: FMJ: patron_366_TKM_FMJ: bullet: 69: 12: 2: 50: 580: FALSE: 0.01: 0.2: 0.12: 0.07: 0.366 ТКМ FMJ cartridge Ammo Chart. Ammo Weapons Armor 11.43x23 12.7x108 12.7x55 12x70 20x70 3.0x29 .366 40x46 4.6x30 5.45x39 5.56x45 5.7x28 7.62x25 7.62x39 7.62x51 7.62x54 9x18 9x19 9x21 9x39 Name You will find many ammunition types within the chaos of Tarkov. Ammunition (100 of 142) Caliber All .366 TKM 11.43x23mm ACP 12.7x108mm 12.7x55mm STs-130 12ga 20ga 23x75mmR 30x29mm 40mmRU 40x46mm 5.45x39mm 5.56x45mm NATO 5.7x28mm 7.62x25mm Tokarev 7.62x35mm 7.62x39mm 7.62x51mm NATO 7.62x54mmR 8.6x70mm 9x18mm Makarov 9x19mm Parabellum 9x21mm Gyurza 9x39mm HK 4.6x30mm Help / Request a feature. Streamers tools. Community tools. Assault rifles AK-105 AK-74 AK-74M AK-74N AKS-74 AKS-74N AKS-74U AKS-74UN AKS-74UB Light machine guns RPK-16 ... Ammo Reference (12.6) Ammo w/ Header (12.6) Armour Reference (12.4) Old Ammo Chart. Nightbot StreamElements Moobot Scrolling text. GREAT: GOOD: OKAY: BAD: TERRIBLE. May want to look up Nofoodaftermidnight's Google Sheet ammo chart. ... PMC's Escaping Tarkov. Click the name of a caliber to see the full list of available cartridges. Varying opponents will require different types of ammunition to tackle. M4A1 1 year ago. The 5.45x39mm is a rifle cartridge used for assault rifles and light machine guns in Escape from Tarkov. Created Nov 9, 2015. Check out the new armour reference sheet too! Api Google Sheet. Because nothing in Tarkov is simple, check out our cheat sheet … Your target, or more specifically, their armor, determines how effective a round is at actually killing them. Report Save. Tarkov - flea market - Ammo > 40x46 mm - prices. Escape from Tarkov has some of the most realistic projectile and ammunition mechanics ever put in a video … (Not Current 12.4!) Speaking of one-taps, the ammo you’re using isn’t the only variable in Escape From Tarkov. 4. Report Save. Escape From Tarkov Ammo Chart. 1. share. Top posts january 10th 2020 Top … Join discord. Escape From Tarkov quest tree visualization for traders (Prapor, Therapist, Skier, Peacekeeper, Mechanic, Ragman, Jaeger, Fence), including quest level requirements. Checking ammo with Left Alt + T can be vital, since Escape From Tarkov's HUD doesn't track how much ammo you have left--even when you use this input to check ammo… M995 cost only 345? This page lists all ammunition types in Escape from Tarkov.

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